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What is Wagyu?  

Wagyu is an Americanized term combining the Japanese words wa (japanese) and gyu (beef) and refers to 4 specific breeds of cattle colloquially known as Japanese Black, Brown, Polled, and Shorthorn. Between 80-90% of all Japanese Wagyu is Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu).  Cattle that falls under the Wagyu classification is genetically different that traditional American beef.

Isn't all wagyu Kobe beef?

In simple terms, no. Almost zero Wagyu that makes it's way to the US is authentic Kobe beef. There is domestically raised Wagyu that is widely called American style Kobe, which only furthers the confusion.  In Japan, the beef is named by the prefecture that it comes from, hence Kobe beef is from Kobe prefecture. Other widely known origins include Miyazaki, Hokkaido, Kagoshima, and Kagawa. Years ago Kobe beef was the reigning all-around gold medal winner in the Japanese culinary olympics at the time that wagyu's popularity started to grow.  Unfortunately since then, Wagyu from Japan or Wagyu in general has been called Kobe beef, 

Where does your Japanese Wagyu come from then?

We offer Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki (2007, 2012 all-around gold medal winner), Kagoshima (2017), Hokkaido, and Olive Wagyu from Kagawa (2017 gold medal winner for it's fat)

What is the difference between Japanese Wagyu and Australian Wagyu?

There are a few key differences that are as follows:

The first and most obvious difference is where they are raised, hence the difference in there names.  Climate, soil, water, land availability and feed all contribute to differences in the end result on your plate.

Wagyu that comes from Japan MUST be full-blood and never cross-bred

Currently out selection of Australian Wagyu is selectively cross-bred.  This selective cross breading results in a  Our supplier is currently working with the USDA to bring their full-blood Wagyu into the US, and as soon as it is ready, we will make it available for purchase on our site.

Japanese Wagyu is raised for approximately 2.5 years and is on very specific feeding for at least 500 days years before it heads to market, whereas our Australian Wagyu is closer to 365 days.  The difference in the marbling that can be achieved is obvious when you see Japanese Wagyu with a BMS of 8 or more.

How is Japanese Wagyu graded?

Wagyu from Japan is graded across 5 categories. Fat color, meat color, firmness of the meat, marbling (BMS) and yield.  To achieve the highest rank of A5 Japanese Wagyu must score at the top of the other 4 categories, and achieve a BMS of 8 or greater.  For more information on grading, please see the links at the bottom of the page.


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